Catfish get their name because the barbels, or whiskers, resemble cat whiskers. In the U.S., they usually eat the channel or the blue species. Nutritionally, it is high in protein & low in unhealthy fats and contains plenty of vitamins & minerals. Grilling catfish can help retain its nice qualities & taste. Although usually breaded with cornmeal & fried, catfish cooked on the grill makes a great, healthy meal.


1. Lay tin foil on grill grates before lighting the grill.   The foil will prevent it from sticking to the grates and keep the seasoning confined to intensify its flavor.

2. Grill the catfish on a medium hot grill for about 4 to 6 minutes per side.  To check done-ness, make sure it flakes when pricked with a fork.

3.If you want to  marinade the catfish, use or make a marinade with oil.  Oil-based marinade will prevent the fish from sticking to the grates. Instead of marinading the fish , you can also simply rub the catfish with oil prior to seasoning. Additionally, you need to baste the fish with the marinade several times while it’s cooking.


4.Consider using nonstick tools so it won’t stick. Individual grill baskets hold an entire fish for easing flipping or porcelain baskets make cooking delicate foods easier.

5.Consider using  an indirect cooking method with charcoal. Place the equal  amounts of charcoal on either side of the grill and cook the fish in the middle of the grate. This method allows the fish to cook the center without burning the sides.
6.Indirect cooking with a gas grill; after preheating, simply turn off the heat when you’re ready to cook the fish.


Things to remember:
Catfish has the lowest levels of mercury and can be enjoyed up to twice weekly.

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