The roman traveler and historian Claudius Aelianus had recorded Macedonian fishermen using the technique of fly fishing during the 2nd century. However, historians believe that this technique was around much before that and it was just named by the Roman. The technique of using flies as lures to catch certain types of fish is what gives this technique its name. Fly fishing is a technique of fishing that needs a six foot fishing pole and a six foot long fishing line with a fly at the end of the line on a hook. It is basically the fly at the end of the line that gives this technique its name. The Macedonian fishermen were, according to the Roman, very successful at this type of fishing.

The Fly Fishermen usually make an artificial fly out of a hook some clay and the wings of a flying insect. In modern times this men have learned to make much more sophisticated flies for their sport. The flies today can be from the most simple to the mechanical lures. Some fishermen have made flies out of the synthetic materials such as colored wool and plastic. The wings of the fly, made from colored wool or plastic lures the fish while the way it is constructed allows the fly to spin in the water while the angler pulls in the reel. The fish mistake the spinning fly for a live insect and bite. Then there are the other mechanical flies that are more sophisticated. These can be wound up to fly around in the water in a random manner and make a buzzing noise. This is very successful in luring any fish in the area for a meal. The Fishing Rod And Line Fly fishing rods have come a long way since the discovery of the technique.

In the beginning he rods were cut from around the waterfront, then the rods were made more sophisticated with the rod manufacturers slicing the bamboo into four long pieces and then gluing them together over a solid base. This gave the rod a little more spring. Since World War 2 the fly fishing rods are being constructed out of fiber glass. These rods are much more affordable easily available. It is also possible to collapse these fiber glass rods into smaller pieces so that they can be packed away for traveling. The older rods are, however, still available on demand.

 The line has also undergone a change over the years. At first the fly fishing line was made out of horse’s hair, and then with the invention of silk the fishing line was made from silk though the line still needed to be opened and dried from time to time. Then nylon took the place of silk and is still used today. Though this was a profession in the 2nd century it has become an elite sport over the years. This sport of fly fishing is very popular in Europe and America. People invest very highly in fly fishing equipment including boats and paying highly for fly fishing trips to distant parts of the world.

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